What a ModuHeat™ system can do for you:


A fully customized, ModuHeat™ heating system will be ready for procurement based upon your reviewed and approved specifications. Your ModuHeat™ system is built to meet your needs-accommodating a number and variety of heating zones, a quantity of 3-5 radiant in-floor loops, and any type of indirect-fired water heaters-basically any system you can imagine.

  • Your ModuHeat™ distribution unit, along with a boiler (if requested) and an indirect water heater (if requested) of your specifications and choosing, complete with all piping and accessories necessary for rapid installation, will be available for pick-up or optional delivery. If your baseboard panels and/or in-floor pipes are already in place, you or your contractor will only need a few hours to install the system and fire the boiler. You may not even need a torch, just a few simple wrenches!
  • The result of careful design and an extremely efficient, high volume manufacturing process gives you the best quality and saves you money. You choose either natural copper piping or powder-coated copper pipes, as pictured, to keep your system looking new for years.
  • Your ModuHeat™ distribution system can serve up to 8 heating zones with a footprint of only 18" x 24". It's light enough to be moved up and down stairways, and small enough to fit in tight spaces. The zones can be any combination of in-floor, hot water baseboard, ice-melt, or any other load types. A spare zone to serve your future needs is always present.
  • All parts that comprise ModuHeat™ systems are high quality, Uponor-Wirsbo® PEX type connectors and replacement parts are standard and available in most plumbing stores.
  • Your ModuHeat™ system has a unique serial number recorded in our database allowing us to give you quick and efficient trouble shooting assistance.

The era of on-the-job-site boiler room construction
has come to an end!

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